Eye Health

Common Pediatric Eye Problems

Children are susceptible to acquiring vision problems and eye diseases just as much as adults are. Should pediatric eye problems occur in a child, early diagnosis and treatment are vital for the best possible vision. Below are some of the most common pediatric eye problems.

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) is caused when the eye and brain are not working in concert with each other. Symptoms include: One eye that is turned in, out, up, or down. Squinting eyes, double vision, and head tilting.

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) indicates an inflammation of the tissue lining inside the eyelid due to bacteria, allergens or viruses. Symptoms include: Eye redness, itchiness, and crust in the corner of the eyes.

  • Blocked Tear Duct occurs when an eye’s drainage system is blocked and does not allow tears to drain normally. Symptoms include: Constantly watery or irritated eyes. Chronic eye infections.

  • Strabismus (crossed eyes) occurs eyes to become misaligned. Symptoms include: One eye turning in, out, up, or down interrupting focus on one thing at the same time.

  • Nystagmus is characterized by repetitive eye movements that cannot be controlled, preventing focus needed to obtain a clear image. Pediatric eye problems symptoms: Rapid eye movements, constant head nodding or movement, abnormal blinking, and headaches.

If your child is showing symptoms of these common pediatric eye problems, contact our clinic and book an appointment today.

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